Artificial Limb in Bangladesh | Easy Life For Bangladesh

Hi-Tech Artificial Limbs & Brace Fitting Centre in Bangladesh

Easy Life for Bangladesh was founded in the year of 2014 at capital city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. ELB is a non-Government rehabilitation Center who aims to rehabilitate people with physical Disabilities by offering assistive devices, artificial limbs in Bangladesh, mobility and developmental aids and rehabilitation aids. ELB is one best technology development stylist clinical Centre & specializes to fittings the prosthetics & orthotics devices to the disabled peoples. ELB has a very smart & expert team who are specialist in P&O, got also higher training from CMCH, Vellore-India & USA with comprehensive experience which allows to serve the best service to disabled in collaboration with world best principle company.

The tenet of ELB is “honest & philanthropism” keep improving pursue perfection’’ is our target, ‘’to collect the best products in the world and to contribute loves to the patients’’ is our management idea. With caritas, we provide the good products & services.

ELB is a Bangladesh based fittings & services center and supplier of quality prostheses, orthoses and rehabilitation products. Since 2014, Our dedication to quality and continuously strive for excellence has established ELB as a capable and innovative supplier of prosthetics and orthotics solutions. At ELB, our role is to rebuild patients’ confidence, pride and comfort, and most importantly, in “bringing joy and happiness to their loved ones”.