About Company

According to world Health Organization (WHO) 10 percent of given population in Bangladesh are with Disabilities. A huge number of them are with Physical Disabilities. About 0.7percent of total population in any low income countries needs Orthosis and prosthesis services per year. That means in Bangladesh more than 1 million people need prosthesis and Orthosis services per year. Non communicable diseases like Diabetes, stroke, cerebral plasy (CP), vascular diseases, neurological disorder, and other diseases are increasing in alarming rate due to urbanization, life style, Job nature and food habit. More over Road traffic accident and congenital disability are contributing huge number to the total disability. According to WHO, by 2050 World leading cause of disability will be ageing disability. Are we really prepared to face this challenge?

This increasing number of person with Disabilities can be brought back to the main stream society (active, functional and Independent life) by providing quality rehabilitation services. Otherwise they will be a big social burden and barrier to the country development. It is very much necessary to ensure accessibility and participation of Disabled people to contribute in total development of the country by providing them proper rehabilitation services and appropriate training.

It is very unfortunate that, we don’t have enough rehabilitation centers in Bangladesh to rehabilitate the huge number of people with disabilities. A very few number of prosthetics and orthotics professionals are struggling to provide assistive devices and artificial limbs to the huge number of people with disabilities in the country.

In this circumstances Easy Life for Bangladesh started its journey with modern technology, skilled & experienced manpower and committed to provide quality and modern rehabilitation services. We are committed to improve the quality of life for the person with disabilities in Bangladesh. Service is our motto.


Aims and Objective of Easy Life for Bangladesh: 

To bring a revolutionary change in field of physical rehabilitation by providing cost effective, Hi-Tech prosthesis, Orthosis and rehabilitation aids.